My People

My husband of 25+ years, Johnny! Luke, Ashley & Gideon; Nathan, Emily & Niyah Jane; Isaac (17); Ethan (14)

Things that make me happy

Most of all, seeing girls lives & hearts changed!

My sweet little town: Pateros, WA

Favorite Saying "You reap what you sow!"

Where my passions have taken me

My Heart

Momma Wall's heart.....

“I believe everyday life is a gift. . .even the ordinary & mundane. I know firsthand that joy can be found in the midst of pain and suffering, in the messiness of life. I cherish my family. I crave intentionality, but realize that when we surrender to the Holy Spirit, our lives may not look like we’d expect them to. Above all, I choose to be real, to share my heart & my thoughts in hopes that my story somehow might help someone."

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