“Cheerleading” Session

Have you ever wanted a personal cheerleader in your life? Well, that is my favorite thing to do! You couldn’t catch me dead in a cheerleader uniform even in High School. . . basketball was my life!

BUT— I LOVE nothing more than sitting down with young women, discussing their dreams, their strengths & weaknesses, talking about their roles & callings, praying, brainstorming & coming up with a practical plan of action while still dreaming!

Are you a young woman who is at a place in her life where you either have too many dreams & options? Or are you a young woman who hasn’t dared to dream? Or are you just “stuck” & don’t know how to move forward? Or do you feel like you just don’t know what God’s will is for your future?

Well, that is what these “cheerleading” sessions are for! It is a time to just get away from it all to seek God’s will for your future. Come by yourself for one-on-one sessions or bring a friend or two! First of all, we will pray together seeking wisdom & guidance. We also will go through a workbook together, talk about your God-given passions, figure out options for the next 3, 6, 12 months of your life where we set up goals.

Two nights at the Delight House; Food & lodging provided.

Some added options are: Transportation from Pangborn airport! Additional nights can be arranged at the Delight House! A special photo session! Follow up accountability with Momma Wall via monthly phone calls, texting, etc. 

**All proceeds go to cover the costs of the Delight House!

**Only six sessions available yearly!

Senior Session

Includes: 90 minute session; 3 changes of clothing; 100+ edited images in an online gallery!

90 minute session for suggested donation amount of $495. All proceeds go to Delight Foundation to help maintain the Delight House.

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